Q: Will I be tied into a lengthy contract?

A:  Nope!  It works on a month by month basis so you can cancel anytime. ​


Q: Who is this membership club for?

A: It's designed specifically for Christian women who want more out of life by finding out what their God-given purpose is and building a business around it. It's for those who have never run their own business before and who don't know what business they could run. The journey starts with deep diving into purpose and unique gifts, talents, experience and more and then moves into how to align those things into an authentic business that creates freedom and adventure. The journey continues with the growth of personal development through the provision of life, business and wellness coaching and content.


Q: What if I just want to find out what my purpose is?

A: The HERO Journey will certainly help with that because it digs deep into who God made you to be.  However, so many women have a deep desire to run their own business and I've found that inevitably it is intertwined with their purpose - that's why I ensure this membership helps with both aspects.  If you have absolutely no desire to run your own business, you can leave at the point that your purpose is uncovered but I don't think you will want to!  The Club will continually provide content and support that empowers you to grow into the woman God made you to be. ​


Q:  I would love to run my own business but I'm scared and not very good with computers, is this really for me?

A:  Made for you!  The HERO Journey will take you step by step and I'll be there for support. ​


Q:  What's the HERO Journey?

A:  It is the program I created to help women to uncover their purpose and build an impactful business around it.  It consists of 4 major parts broken down into smaller manageable chunks.  The core part of the program spans across 25 days and is interactive through the chat portal in the Club, so essentially you could have a new business in just 25 days! 

In addition, new content is added to the Club regularly to support, train & help you to facilitate your personal and business development. ​


Q: Can I find out more about the HERO Journey?

A:  Of course!  Go back up to the ABOUT section.  You'll find more info in there.


Q: How does it work?  What can I expect?

A: When you join there is an orientation video to show you around and what first steps to take to get settled in - which include setting up your profile.   You can start consuming whatever content is available but I advise you to at least get started on the HERO Journey program first so that you can begin interacting with others and myself through the HERO chat portal.  Everything is designed to go at your own pace. Don't worry if you don't understand something, I'm just a click away!  Just note the time difference though - I'm on UK time.  My VA is in a different time zone so she may answer in my stead until I am online again. ​


Q: What other topics will there be?

A: Content will always usually be based around the topics of Purpose,  Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Confidence, Mindset and Freedom such as:

Discover your why, confidence boosters, mindset training such as dealing with limiting fears and beliefs, money mindset, wealth mindset, entrepreneurial topics such as tech training - social media, lead magnets etc, how to use various tools to move you forward e.g. vision boards, time-saving tips etc, wellness topics such as ensuring healthy boundaries, stress management etc - and so much more! 

Topics are added to regularly and you can also request topics and training of interest.  ​


Q:  Can I join if I am not a Christian or a woman?

A:  The content is aimed at a Christian audience and specifically women so it won't speak to you and I wouldn't want to waste your time or money.  You would be better off finding something more suitable. ​


Q: What are the benefits of joining & being a Member?

A: You will be empowered to be uniquely you and learn to love the woman God made you to be.

You will discover what God put you here to do and what tools He gave you to do it.

You will learn how you can monetize this purpose so that you make an impact, make money and make a difference.

You will have a support system in your new venture and build Godly alignments and friendships.

You will keep learning and discovering more about yourself and your purpose. ​


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Less than a cup of coffee a day!

£1.43 a day - I know, crazy right?! (Charged on a monthly cycle - £47 a month).

One low monthly investment for amazing value and so much bang for your buck!

A better question to ask is, what will it cost you if you DON'T take action and try this out?!

£47 a month - Gives you access to everything (courses, community, challenges etc) Remember, new content is added every month.


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